What Is End Of Lease Cleaning Melbourne Service?

If you are currently living in a rental unit, you know that you must perform an end of lease cleaning. It’s likely that your landlord has supplied you with a list of specifics that must be cleaned when doing this end of lease cleaning. However, what types of services can you expect from an end of lease cleaning Melbourne company? In this short article, we’re going to take a look at what’s included when you hire for this cleaning service. https://legalanswers.sl.nsw.gov.au/tenants-rights-manual-practical-guide-renting-nsw/getting-your-bond-back

How to hire a end of lease cleaning Melbourne?

End of lease cleaning Melbourne services include more than just routine cleaning. They include a deep cleaning of all rooms in the rental unit as well as exterior areas like patios and garages. Basically, all of the unit is cleaned to ensure it looks like new. However, realize there are specific limitations to these services such as mold extermination and patching drywall. 

Hiring a professional is the best way to have an end of lease cleaning Melbourne

The end of leasing cleaning Melbourne by Whizz company is there to clean the unit to the best of their ability with cleaning supplies. Their intent is to leave your apartment in a fresh condition where a new tenant can move in. Here are some of the specifics that are generally included in this type of cleaning service:

  • Cleaning All Surfaces, Fans, Filters, Vents
  • Clean Walls, Switches, Lighting Fixtures
  • Remove Stains 
  • Clean Windows
  • Deep Clean Appliances, Cabinets, Tubs, And Sinks 
  • Disinfect And Vacuum Floors
  • Clean Backsplash

These types of services are typically included in the fee for an end of lease cleaning Melbourne service. Each company may vary slightly with the services that they perform. It’s a good idea to ensure that you speak to a couple of different companies to understand what your options are for cleaning services. 

The biggest reason that tenants hire an end of lease cleaning Melbourne company like Whizz Cleaning is so that they can ensure they’ll get their security deposit money back. The professionals know how to do their job and it will show clearly when they clean your apartment. When you try to do the cleaning yourself, it’s likely that the job won’t be up to the same level of cleanliness when it’s completed.

Choosing your end of lease cleaning Melbourne company

The second biggest reason that tenants hire an end of lease cleaning Melbourne professional is to save themselves the time. Most people don’t particularly enjoy the task of cleaning their home. When you throw in cleaning at the same time you’re trying to move, it can be a real recipe for disaster. Instead, it’s a great idea to simply hire an end of lease cleaning Melbourne professional to handle the task so you can focus your mind on the task of moving. 

Lastly, realize that some landlords may require you to hire a professional cleaning company. You can typically find out whether or not this is a requirement by scanning through your lease or additional move-out paperwork provided by the landlord. Many will require you to show them a receipt from a professional cleaning company in order to get your security deposit returned. https://www.rta.qld.gov.au/Renting/Ending-a-tenancy/Exit-condition-report