Assurance Training – Build Your Skills

The most successful organisations invest in their people and develop leaders. Build on your competitive edge with the capability needed to be agile and successful.

Hear from SAI Global Assurance CEO John Rowley about key issues facing the the Assurance Industry globally.

Benefits of Training

Take the next step towards realising your potential

  • Develop skills needed to become a valued expert
  • Stay current and connected to global best practice
  • Improve organisation capability to recognise and manage risk

Rewarding Career

Create opportunities to advance your career

  • Open doors and stand-out with respected, international qualifications
  • Remain the go-to authority in your organisation
  • Enable career advancements in new directions

Capable Experts

Bring the expertise you need in your workforce to advance confidently

  • Build the skills to recognise opportunity and risk in your organisation
  • Work with like-minded inidividuals to advance expertise relevant to you
  • Gain a competitive edge by building expertise inhouse